fLANSBURG dESIGN post-ecliptic logo Matthew Flansburg

Mei Residence Reclaimed Doug Douglas Fir and Genuine Mahogany entrance closet drawers shelves and sliding steel door with 3form Jackson Hole Wyoming fLANSBURG dESIGN in collaboration with Aric Mei Mei Residence Reclaimed Doug Douglas Fir Genuine Mahogany Birchwood Casey Steel 3-form Thatch Jackson Hole Wyoming in collaboration with designer Aric Mei fLANSBURG dESIGN Rinehart custom library floating Genuine Mahogany and Birchwood Casey steel walls with modern gliding step ladder Esplanade Scottsdale Arizona fLANSBURG dESIGN Rinehart custom armoir rebuild match stained alder and custom post neo geomoetry abstract painting Esplanade Scottsdale Arizona fLANSBURG dESIGN
Clint Boscamp Living Room featuring custom Entertainment Center and pROTOTYPE Painting of the pOST nEO gEOMETRY series a line of mathematical artworks based upon the proportions of the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio fLANSBURG dESIGN Emma Mary custom baby room with floating boxes and pinstripe wall Chandler Arizona AZ fLANSBURG dESIGN Max Baby Room custom alder floating shelves and boxes fibonacci ratio scaling with size and depth designed by collaboration with Natalie Rinehart and fLANSBURG dESIGN Scottsdale Arizona  

Emma Mary Baby Room custom modern geometric floating shelves with backs matching adjacent wall fLANSBURG dESIGN

Emma Mary’s Baby Room
custom floating wood boxes and paint
design build - Chandler, Arizona

baby room box shelves matches crib and butterfly mobile pink for pretty little lady fLANSBURG dESIGN close up of baby room box floating shelf with pink painted back to match adjacent wall fLANSBURG dESIGN custom wall boxes and shelves with seamless floating effect against green blue and white pinstrip wall fLANSBURG dESIGN dresser and custom pinstripe wall in green blue and off white to match butterflies above crib fLANSBURG dESIGN God Bless Emma Mary Flansburg