fLANSBURG dESIGN post-ecliptic logo Matthew Flansburg

Chess Players Acrylic on Oxidized Copper Sheet Depicting Intense Game of Kings Between Kevin Taheri and Matthew Flansburg Color Balance Motif 2005 dESIGN Based on a True Story Acrylic on aluminium sheet protraying typical exaggeration of fishermen while drinking beers Matthew fLANSBURG dESIGN Abstract Portrait of Jeff and Kara Wedding Photo Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Mathematics paintings based upon Fibonacci Sequence math study of art Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN
Abstract Painting Arizona Personscape Landscape of Dudes Road Tripping to Vegas in a 64 Lincoln Continental Drinking Smoking Laughing while Stripper Girls Race Along Side Topless and Drinking Martinis in a 67 Vintage Shelby Cobra Commission Work 2008 Taheri Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Noche de Los Muertos Commission work for Josh Campos Rocky Point Mexico Puerto Penasco Circa 1990s Depicting Skeletons in Chaos Touristas and Banditos Donkey Undead and Utter Debauchery Freedom of Unrestrained Law Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Ok, slight exaggeration here but painted when I didn't know what to paint hence the name Blank Canvas Matthew fLANSBURG dESIGN Family portrait of Peter, Mindy and Maya Weck with thier dog Buffy Matthew fLANSBURG dESIGN
Ode de George Nellos Pizza Ahwatukee Commission 2006 Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Heather and Ferrel Raskin Portrait Matthew fLANSBURG dESIGN Pizza Eaters Acrylic Painting on MDF Depicing Family Enjoying Dinner at Nellos Pizza Pizzaria in Ahwatukee Arizona 2003 Commission Work with Love Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Attack of the Hamster-Dog Acrylic on Canvas Donation to Charity 2004 fLANSBURG dESIGN
Moon Child depicting mom and baby Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Man and Dragon sharing a cup of coffee and expresso respectfully Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Romantic Eve and Adam Acrylic Painting on Copper Depicting Serene Scene of Man and Woman Enjoying Table with Bottle and Glass of Wine Color Balance and Subject Matter 2002 Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Not So Good Morning America Abstract Painting in Collaboration with Aric Mei Photographs of Television Showing Airplane Suicide Homicide Bombing of Trade Towers in New York City on September 11 2001 Still Life Death of Television with Burning Cigarette as We All Watch in Despair and Anxiety Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN

Jeff and Kara Wedding Portrait 2008 Acrylic on Copper Alder Frame Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN

Jeff and Kara Wedding Portrait
acrylic on copper
36 x 48"

      Large Portrait of Jeff and Kara Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN