fLANSBURG dESIGN post-ecliptic logo Matthew Flansburg

Emma Mary custom refurbished pink toolbox fLANSBURG dESIGN Elder Middle Younger Viking Runes Font Futhark Variation fLANSBURG dESIGN Lily First 1st Birthday Retro Russian Propaganda Poster AK-47 Baby fLANSBURG dESIGN Macho Nacho Wine Lable Bonny Doon Vineyard Matthew fLANSBURG dESIGN
Mei Residence Jackson Wyoming WY residential building elements captured in elemental sculptural form fLANSBURG dESIGN Eric Shermans Art Car Stolen and or Borrowed 1996 Honda Accord Burning Man Project 2001 while he was on vacation and needed his vehicle taken care of fLANSBURG dESIGN Matthew Flansburg Daniel Billotte ATLAS BIO, LLC is a successful producer of biodiesel fuel. We utilize cost effective, easy-to-assemble biodiesel kits for our localized operations. Recognized by the U.S. Government, independent laboratories and real-world users, we are a legal manufacturer of ASTM D6751 biodiesel. ATLAS BIO is a vertically-integrated, small-business and the creator of the best biodiesel educational guide and #1 biodiesel how-to manual on the planet. We offer a comprehensive, complete and easy-to-follow package so you can assemble and operate biodiesel equipment. With this biodiesel system, the A.B.C. 1-2-3, you will start as a novice and end as an expert in the creation of spec biodiesel for your vehicles, family and/or fleet. Biodiesel is better for the environment, a healthier alternative fuel, and is a natural and renewable resource. We share with you biodiesel secrets. We solve your biodiesel problems. We show you everything you need to become a successful biodiesel entrepreneur. GUINNESS for INDUSTRY retro experimental advertisements for the Irish Stout Beer by fLANSBURG dESIGN
sANGIOVESE wine bottle label created for Bonny Doon Vineyard 2001 2002 fLANSBURG dESIGN sINESTRE sYRAH wine bottle label created for Bonny Doon Vineyard 2001 2002 fLANSBURG dESIGN Bonny Doon Vineyard wine label design concepts for experimental mineral enriched wine explores ancient mythology that connects rocks wine and characters fLANSBURG dESIGN DERANGED VENDANGE Bonny Doon promotional advertisement for Fall 2003 Harvest depicting priest cardinal with accordian monkey with fez drinking wine on tricycle alien abductor drinking vino and crazy business man with Viking horns stomping grapes during the full moon
pOST eCLIPTIC fLANSBURG dESIGN cherry wood jewlery cigar box lined with purple velvet and black silk screen of logo on brushed aluminum series one of five zebra wood box with turquoise inlay and aromatic cedar lined fLANSBURG dESIGN LIMELIGHT NETWORKS integrated mural in cube land perspective flow into back space bus stop butcher shop theme bricks lit fuze pedestrian project vandalism surfboard stickers surfer crossing xing sign Santa Cruz CA California surf board image big decal over crosswalk w11 w11-2 w11-A2
Reggae on the River Northern California Festival 2002 rock sculpture of Jesus Christ with Gregorian Chant by Ramey White and Matthew Flansburg LIT FUZE Choir fLANSBURG dESIGN Reggae on the River Northern California Festival 2002 rock sculpture of Buddah Budda Matthew fLANSBURG dESIGN Sir Ecliptic The Liquidator Cardboard and Duct Tape Knight in Jerome Arizona Halloween 2003 on Trusted Guernica Steed Charging into Lance Joust Battle after Turkey Leg Feast Home Brewed Beer LIT FUZE fLANSBURG dESIGN Skullpture Mountain Ram Head with copper plate rivited and screwed with brass fittings screws atop bone aluminium horn blue led l.e.d. glowing eye enigma series with abstract Sharpie ink effect sculpture number 3 fLANSBURG dESIGN
mOMENT oF zEN dying olive green clothes dryer with flickering ballast florescent lights barn at 682 6eight2 W West 9th St Street Tempe AZ Arizona 85281 fLANSBURG dESIGN 2003 movie Baja Mexico found art whale bone and igneous rocks from extinct volcano near the ocean naturally colored and polished smooth by the tide surfing expedition fLANSBURG dESIGN Jerome AZ Grand Prix 500 Green Machine Charity Racing Event lit fuze sponsored Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN The White Journal September 2001 through December 2002 personal sketchbook, photo and writing journal Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN
The Black Journal June 1999 through September 2001 personal sketchbook, photo and writing journal Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Apple Tree Puzzle Project Mac Macintosh IIc Computers Painted Red Like Apples Hanging from a Tree at Casey Moores Oyster Bar Tempe Arizona Contained Elaborate Code and Rubric for Mensa to Solve 1999 Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Austin Godber Jim Decorse Chris White SLOW BURN Magazine A Wine Hobo Trio Production November 1999 through August 2000 Compilation of Art Humor Short Stories Editorial Journalism and Crazy Stuff Colin Mitchell Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Betty Art Car 1996 Summer Cross Country Adventure in 1970 Buick Skylark painted like the American Flag Paid for Gas by Collecting Signatures and Stories Signed on Car

zebra wood box with aromatic cedar lining and turquoise inlay for alignment of top fLANSBURG dESIGN

zebra wood box with turquoise inlay
2005 (1/6 series)
zebra wood, dowled w/ turquoise & aromatic cedar
5.5 x 7.75 x 5.25"

      zebra wood box 2 two fLANSBURG dESIGN zebra wood box 3 three fLANSBURG dESIGN